MSDN Magazine – Azure Notification Hubs: Best Practices for Managing Devices

Today was published to everyone the April’s issue of MSDN Magazine, which has an article written by me.

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Mobile Notification for any device using Azure Notification Hubs

Today I did a presentation about Notification Hubs, here is the slides I used:

The code can be find in my github account:

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[Azure] Notification Hubs – All resources you need

[Update: January 2015] Please see this sample:

Today I did a presentation in Microsoft Developer Tech Refresh, in Microsoft Portugal. And the presentation was about Mobile Push Notifications to any device with Azure Notification Hubs.

While I prepared all my things for this presentation I saved all interesting and recent resources about this subject. I hope that can be useful for all that want to learn how to use  Notification Hubs.

1. The first thing you should read:

2. For register devices in Notification Hubs, there are samples for each platform:

3. For register devices using any backend, there are two samples: using WebApi or Azure Mobile Services.

Using WebApi:

Using Azure Mobile Services:

Others about this subject:

4. Movies in Channel 9:

5. Others:

6. Guys on twitter:


Soon as I can I will publish my presentation and the demos I used/created.