My samples

  • Sharing Code: Adding NavigationService: This sample has the goal to show an example about NavigationService in share code scenarios, that will be registered in one Ioc container and injected by view model’s constructor.
  • Slide Share Sample – This sample shows how to display a presentation from SlideShare in XAML/C# project.
  • Youtube Sample – This sample shows how to display a movie from youtube in XAML/C# project.
  • Localization for Images and Assets – This sample shows who to localization images. Some applications need to add images for each language that application supports. In this sample you can see how to localize images from Assets folder (where is defined all logos and splash screen image) and other images that are in …
  • Diplaying DateTime objects in a localized application – This sample shows how to display DateTime object in application that was localized, exponsing four ways to convert a datatime object to a string value. You only need Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8, both the RTM version.

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