[PT] O meu primeiro podcast…

Hoje foi publicado o meu primeiro podcast, que foi gravado pelo 10Web.pt, e desta agradeço ao Vitor e ao Ricardo pelo convite e oportunidade para participar neste programa.

O podcast pode ser ouvido na página do programa.


Podem também ouvir outros podcast, da 10Web, aqui.

Azure Mobile Services: How to see the log files in server


This article has the goal to show how to see the log files from an Azure Mobile Service.


In Azure Portal, each Azure Mobile Service has a separator that show all logs registered (Figure 1), and in possible to see the details for each one (Figure2):

The logs

Figure 1: The logs

The log details

Figure 2: The details

This information is very useful and allow to know why the system is down or allow to verify if there is any issue. This page allow to list and see the details for each one, but if we want to export logs, the Azure Portal do not allow it. In this article we will see a solution to get all the log files.


Kudu is the engine behind Git deployments in Azure Web Sites, and Azure Mobile Services is not more that an extension of ASP.Net WebApi, this way the deployment used in both is the same.

The Kudu project is available in GitHub in this reference github.com/projectkudu/kudu which wiki contains all documentation about it. For each website is possible to access its Kudu using something like https://<Azure Mobile Service Base Url>.scm.azure-mobile.net and the Azure Portal credentials.

Let’s use the Menu App Sample, where the Azure Mobile Service is defined in https://mymenuapp.azure-mobile.net/ to access the Kudo page we need to use https://mymenuapp.scm.azure-mobile.net and we will get
something like in Figure 3:

The Kudu main page
Figure 3: The Kudu main page

To see the log files we need to click in “Debug Console” and then we need to choose one of the options, let’s choose “PowerShell” as following:

Selecting PowerShellFigure 4: Selecting PowerShell

The following page will be showed

Selecting PowerShell
Figure 5: The powershell

Like we can see in the table, we have a LogFiles folder but this contains some logs (logs from Kudu and logs from the application). To see the log, we saw in the Azure Portal, we need to do “cd logfiles” and “cd application” as in the following Figure 6:

Selecting PowerShell
Figure 6: the log file

Using the options in the left we can see the logs and then get it, as following:

Selecting PowerShell
Figure 7: The log file


In conclusion, we can conclude to get the log files in Azure Mobile Service server is very simple and in some cases can be useful, but each developer should be aware the changes made has impact in the logs separator in the Azure Portal.

I was Technical Guru in 3 categories in December 2014

The The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (December 2014) is out! And I could not be more happy! 🙂

Here are my 3 gold medals:

Technical Guru
Technical Guru
Technical Guru

I am a Telerik Developer Expert

Today was introduced the Telerik Developer Experts, which program was announced sometime ago in this blog post Announcing A Brand New Telerik Developer Network by Telerik.


The Telerik Developer Expert program recognizes individuals who have a deep understanding of one or more Telerik technologies and take the time to share that knowledge with members of the developer community. These are folks like you who are speaking at conferences, writing blog posts, contributing to open source projects, or assisting other developers through our community forums and sites. By John Bristowe.

And I was nominate to be a Telerik Developer Expert 🙂

See all Telerik Developer Expert here and use this form to nominate yourself or someone! 🙂

Happy new year 2015…. and I am Microsoft MVP for more one year

To all that read my blog I wish a great new year 2015! 🙂

new year 2015

…. and like in the last two years, today I received my Microsoft MVP renew to start the year…. It will be my 3rd year as Microsoft MVP…. I am really happy 😀

Microsoft MVP Email

Curah! 2014 award – TOP 10 Featured Curators

Last week, was published the article

2014 Curah! Awards + the Week of Curah! Awards (1 Year Celebration!)

And couldn´t be more happy, because I won the Curah! 2014 – TOP 10 Featured Curators badge which represent the award for the curators with most featured curations ( in this case the top 10!).

Here is my new badge

Next stop Seatle…. I am going to Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2014


Next week will be Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2014 and for the 2nd time I will be there!

I will stay in Bellevue from Friday to Tuesday then I will move to Seatle for 2 days as a tourist 🙂

Want to know more about this event? See the following article

MVP Global Summit Home Page
What is MVP Global Summit?

[TechNet Wiki] The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (September 2014) …. is out!

Yesterday was published the The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (September 2014) and one more time I participated in TechNet Wiki. This time I published some articles about Azure Mobile Service and Windows AppStudio, which articles are related with Menu App, see all about it in Menu App Sample.

The results are good and I won

  • Microsoft Azure Technical Guru – September 2014 
  • Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps Technical Guru – September 2014 

Here are the boards

techinal guru


technical guru

[Survey] Developer tools (F12) – Customer feedback


 Here’s your chance to voice your opinions about which areas of the tools you’re enjoying and what could be improved to make your IE workflow better, faster, and easier.

To show our thanks, we’re giving an Xbox One gaming console to one lucky participant. Make sure you give us your email address on the last page of the survey to enter the drawing!



I won the Longest Article Award in TechNet Wiki

Today  was published the  Top Contributors Awards! Lost in translation (the saga continues…) App Studio – The Beta! And… Stored Procedures from T-SQL. WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT!, from TechNet Wiki and I won the Longest Article Award 🙂

the article contains a short description about my work/medals in TechNet Wiki.

Longest Article Award Winner
The author is the winner, as it is their article that is so long!


saramgsilva has TechNet Guru medals, for the following articles:

saramgsilva has won 2 previous Top Contributor Awards:

saramgsilva has not yet had any featured articles or interviews (see below)

saramgsilva’s profile page


But there is a mistake, I have an interview in Wiki Ninja, here is

Interview with a Visual C# MVP Wiki Ninja – Sara