Portable Class Library – Articles and Sample References

For who is looking for articles/samples/presentations about portable class libraries, the following references is that i recommend to see!

(but can be more, add a comment with good references!)



PortableNotepad – This sample shows how to access non-portable functionality from portable code by creating a portable abstraction with platform-specific implementations.

Goals: Abstraction for Load / Save data in files

Projects: Windows Phone, Windows Store App, WPF App

ContosoHelpdesk– This demo show advanced concepts.

Goals: Navigation, inversion of control, and synchronizing data across multiple clients with Windows Azure Service Bus.

Projects: Windows Phone, Windows Store App

Note: Use Autofac portable library (IoC Container)

TwitterSearch – This sample shows how to create a twitter search client.

Goals: Twitter Search API, Azure Mobile Services,

Projects: Windows Phone, Windows Store App, Console App

Note: Use MVVMCross portable library

Disentanglement - This is a solver for Thinkfun’s Gordian’s Knot puzzle which runs on Windows and Windows Phone. It uses a Portable Class Library to share the solver code between the different platforms

Goals: Share the solver code.

Projects: Windows Phone App, Desktop App, Xbox App

PixPresenter - is a photo sharing app that enables you to connect to another device using Proximity (NFC) and a tap gesture, and then send pictures back and forth between the connected devices. It demonstrates code sharing techniques that you can use when developing an app for bot

Goals: Windows Runtime API common code

Projects: Windows Phone, Windows Store App (C# and C++)

Cross-Platform Mvvm Samples:


[En] Building Android Apps with MVVM and Data Binding

[PT] Como deixar de fazer copy and paste entre windows store e windows phone apps
[En] Do not do more copy and paste between windows store and windows phone apps

[En] Developing for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

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